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Welcome to the Healthway Doctors Book and know more about your doctor at Healthway Medical Philippines (HMC Inc.). Each featured doctor will be given an entire page to describe his qualifications and personal background. Doctors are listed alphabetically under their main specialty.

We hope you will find this Healthway Doctors Book helpful.

The information printed here was provided by the doctor concerned and Healthway Medical takes no responsibility for its accuracy. All doctors at Healthway practice as independent medical professionals and use Healthway’s facilities, equipment and services in the exercise of their profession. Healthway (or HMC Inc.) as a company cannot and does not practice medicine.

This directory is compiled by Ms Janine Azarraga, Physician Coordinator at Healthway Medical. If you are a doctor practicing at Healthway Medical Philippines and want to be included here, please email your information to janine.azarraga@healthway.com.ph.